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Leah Pipes at the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival // September 20

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Klamille Appreciation Week: Day 2.
When did I start shipping them?

I absolutely loved their interactions from the very first episode, but it wasn’t until the bedroom scene in 1x04 that I started seeing their potential and was very interested in their dynamic. This scene is so emotionally powerful and too heartbreakingly beautiful for me to put into words. And Joseph and Leah really do bring out the best of each other on screen.

The thing about this scene is that it’s the perfect portrait of Klaus and Cami’s connection, you can SEE the attraction, the tenderness, the conflict, the struggle, the insanity and the reality of it all! You can see how it’s absolutely crazy for them to be together, yet it’s so important that they stay in each others life.

I love how Klaus just randomly pops out of her balcony and you can see on his face that he is so overwhelmed by everything that’s going on, and his excuse for being there is simply "I had quite a night!". His night was terrible and he just wants to stop everything and return to do this thing that’s been wandering in the back of his head, he wants to help her, he wants to stop the insomnia and to erase those nightmares! He doesn’t normally do such things, he doesn’t help people! But this time it’s like he NEEDS to do it for him, more than it is for her! Deep down he wants to seek comfort by soothing her pain because by doing so, he soothes his pain too! And then he simply asks for permission to "come in!", and it’s so amazing and terrifying how Cami just immediately lets him in, even though she hardly knows anything about him!

He begins to approach his point of view by talking to her, he could’ve just compelled her and left, but instead he talks to her, he tries to convince her to let it go, something he could never do himself, and it never bred him anything but pain and heartbreak. He wants her to understand that this is what’s best for her, he’s been dancing to this song for a thousand years himself, and he wishes someone could wipe away his memories! But she wants to keep that pain because it’s the only thing that makes her feel alive, she clings to her misery with stubbornness and obsession, much like Klaus himself! They’re both so similar yet so opposite, it’s beautiful!

I also love his reaction when she yells at him "You don’t care about me", it was like he’s constantly tired of accusations and yet he knows she has every right to say so, he even partially agrees, because she’s right! He shouldn’t care, how can he possibly? He’s this egomaniac monster who only uses people to serve himself! He doesn’t “do” caring! It is a weakness he feels he doesn’t have the luxury to do. But the thing is, he DOES care, and it’s so out of the blue and sudden and weird even to him. He wasn’t lying when he was worried about her being in danger, it came out of his mouth so naturally and so genuine. And he’s absolutely horrified with this idea, so much so, that he eventually had to push her away, in a hopeless attempt to break this doomed connection. 

You can see his anger when she accuses him of selfishness and using people for his own gain, which is very true and justifiable, but he is hurt and he tries to prove his intentions to her, something I’ve never seen Klaus do for anyone but his family and loved ones. And you can see his pain when she refuses to listen to him, you can feel he didn’t want to eventually do this against her will, but he does it for her own good, he has NOTHING to benefit from this, but he wants to offer something he craves but was never offered to him, to someone else! And he tells her to dream of a world far better than what he believes to be a horrible and unfair world, again, you can see their contradiction, yet when he says "And all people desire.. only to be good", you can feel that this is deeply what he WANTS to believe, too.

And Not only did he take away her pain (in his own twisted way), but he also promised her to find out what happened to her brother, this was so astonishing for me! He dragged himself into her own little rabbit hole, her life-obsession, without any obligation! I don’t feel the need to over-analyze this because it greatly speaks for itself.

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Klamille Appreciation Week: Day 5.
Favourite tearjerker moment:
"I think you need to prepare yourself, this story does not have a happy ending."

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Klamille Appreciation Week: Day 7.
Free choice:
Klaus describing Camille

"Because I like you, I like the way your mind works. Under different circumstances I think we might be f r i e n d s !”

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Mabekah & Klaroline
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Nadia pointing out that Matt trusts Rebekah and Matt not denying it. 

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You have kept me here for weeks, just so someone, anyone, would see who you really are, and now that I have. It scares the hell out of you, doesn’t it?

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