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Harry Potter. Percy Jackson. The Host. Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and other things.

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Riley Keough and Zoë Kravitz hit the town for Louis Vuitton at the Whitney Gala (2013)

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I'm only at the beginning of my career, but I feel successful in that I haven't sold out in any way, shape or form. I feel good about the choices I've made, and I don't feel like I've let go of any of my values.

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Oh, my love
My darling,
I've hungered for your touch

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House of Black | Astronomical Names
↳Sirius Black

SIRIUS — “The Dog Star”

ETYMOLOGY: Sirius comes from the Greek seirios (searing / scorching). In ancient times, Sirius rose before the sun during the hottest days of the summer (announcing the rising of the Nile River in Ancient Egypt). These days were known as the “Dog Days” of summer to the Ancient Greeks and Romans who believed Sirius was responsible for the extreme heat. Ancient Greeks also believed Sirius could have adverse effects upon actual dogs during the summer.

•  Brightest star in the night sky.
•  Binary Star system — Sirius A and Sirius B (white dwarf).
•  One of the closest stars to Earth — 8.6 light years away.
•  26 times more luminous than the Sun.
•  Part of the Canis Major (Greater Dog) constellation (one of Orion’s hunting dogs).
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